Technical Rider

Clean Sweep opstelling op het podium:

Channel listing :
Channel 1. Drums
Channel 2. Drums
Channel 3. Drums
Channel 4. Drums
Channel 5. Drums
Channel 6. Drums
Channel 7. Drums
Channel 8. Drums
Channel 9. Bass
Channel 10. Guitar
Channel 11. Keyboards
Channel 12. Keyboards
Channel 13. Lead vocals
Channel 14. Lead vocals
Channel 15. Backing and lead vocals
NB: remaining channels to be used for effects.

Group 1. (Aux 1): Lead vocal 1.
Group 2. (Aux 2): Lead vocal 2.
Group 3. (Aux 3) : Backing vocal (Jon)
Group 4. (Aux 4): Drum monitor (Mark)
Group 5. (Aux 5). when available monitor Bass
Group 6. (Aux 6). when available monitor Guitar

Backline as used by Clean Sweep:

Two female lead-singers who each need a monitor of at least 250 WATT over separate groups, plus a microphone (min. SM58) and micr.stands (2x). Keyboardplayer also needs a 250 WATT monitor and a microphone (SM58) and stand for backing-vocal purposes.

20 inch Bass drum
12 inch Tom (or 10″ Tom)
14 inch Floor Tom
14 inchSnare Drum
Zildjan Cymbals (1x Hihats, 1x Ride, 2 or 3x Crash)
(Hardware: 1x Hihat-stand, 1x Snaredrum-stand, 3x Cymbal-stand, 1x Cymbal-Boomstand, 1x Bassdrumpedal).

All stands and adaptors to mount mentioned set-up
P.A. notes: all microfones, microfone stands- or clips, wires and connectors to be supplied by the P.A. supplier. Minimum: 2 x overhead, 1 x snare, 1 x hi-hat, 1 x toms, 1 x bassdrum, 1 x floor.

1 x min. 400 Watt Bass-amplifier by SWR (type 550x or 750x)1 x Speakercabinet 4 x 10 inch speaker by SWR
All the wires and connectors to and from the instrument.
P.A. Notes: Use direct line-out/alternatively DI.

1 x 300 WATT Speakercabinet by Johnson
1 x Midi-switchboard included Wah-Wah and volume pedal.
All the wires and connectors to and from the instrument.
P.A. Notes: A microfone (min. SM57) in front of the speakercabinet.

1 x Roland RD-700 keyboard (88 keys weighted action)
Keyboard stage-backline:
1 x Dynacord Powermate 8 channels with Lexicon multi-effect build in (type 600 WATT)
2 x 200 WATT speakercabinet by EV (Electrovoice) type S-200
All the wires and connectors to and from the instrument.
P.A. Notes: Use 2 x D.I.Box (left-right) alternatively use direct-out Dynacord Powermate.
One vocal-monitor at least 250 WATT for backing vocals, 1 x micr. (SM 58) and stand.

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